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higher visibilitymore customersincrease of sales



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In a few words...

Improve customer perception significantly and increase customer satisfaction substantially local business marketing methods


higher visibilitymore customersincrease of sales


Worldcheckin (WCI) ► Location finder for travelers and non-residents • Direct marketing and advertising platform for entrepreneurs
WCI is a new service platform to provide relevant information to its users in the most up-to-date form. It has been developed to enable an online & mobile accessible (b2c) “Direct Marketing Platform & Global Location Finder” to provide targeted advertising to potential customers in the immediate surrounds of local business owners around the world. We are proud to present you now a cost effective alternative (click-costs and keyword-prices independant) at small fix advertising amounts according your budget.

For Users is WCI an “interactive location finder” who need to know what’s up in their surroundings. The online service platform provide relevant information to its users in the most up-to-date form without having to search for it individually on the Internet. At the same time, the users (travelers around the world) can find PLACES, DEALS & EVENTS in surroundings, find helpful information and are able to contact the vendor directly. WCI can be used free of charge worldwide at any time. More about find »here

For Entrepreneur’s is WCI furthermore an “direct marketing platform” for their local business advertising, to list their LOCATIONS, SERVICES, EVENTS and issue VOUCHER DEALS (optional) to win customers combined in one platform. As a result, entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to reach their potential customers mobile & interact directly. Also to save advertising costs as they are not any more related to click costs or keyword prices. Depending on their budget they are able to present their listings either free or at low monthly fix advertisement amounts within WCI. The listed business owner will get better visibility, attract more customers in surroundings and increase sales. Find out more »here

For Affiliates, this opens up enormous revenue potential for all participants! Join our global available affiliate program and earn as affiliate marketer 25-40% recurring commission on mediated sales. Find out more »here

Generally speaking...

You need to know “how to promote your business” or looking for free advertising possibilities to advertise online & mobile your business or need to win new customers?

Then you should join the worldcheckin business directory for your own online marketing. This business directory combines online advertising, local advertising, as well mobile and website advertising plus additional sales promotion possibilities for your perfect business marketing. Find here more »Reasons for Advertising online.

Who we are...

We help the world to orientate themselves better at local destination…

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USP's (unique selling points)...


checkmark ONE PLATFORM to distribute Places, Services, Deals & Events global (one for all)
checkmark ONLINE & MOBILE ACCESSIBLE to change data immediate (everywhere available)
checkmark REACH CUSTOMERS MOBILE in your surroundings (local advertisement)
checkmark DIRECT CUSTOMER CONTACT to satisfy needs (interacting directly)
checkmark OWN BUSINESS & EVENT ADVERTISEMENT (self created & easy editable)
checkmark SCALABLE PRICING according Budget (free/low/flexible/non binding/monthly basis)
checkmark OWN Link-URL marketing e.g. Homepage, Direct Booking Link, Shop URL (optional)
checkmark VOUCHER MODULE to create/distribute customized Deals & increase Sales (optional)

USP's for USER

checkmark ONE PLATFORM to find Places, Services, Deals & Events globally (one for all)
checkmark ONLINE, MOBILE ACCESSIBLE & FREE to use Directory (everywhere available)
checkmark FIND LOCAL Deals & Events in your surroundings (local advertisement)
checkmark LATEST INFORMATION direct from the Source (information from author)
checkmark PERSONAL MERCHANT CONTACT to communicate requests (interacting directly)
checkmark UP TO DATE LISTINGS max. 1 year old (recent data information)
checkmark USER RATINGS with more criteria in reviews
checkmark VALIDATED LISTINGS direct from the source (owner certified)
checkmark MERCHANT VOUCHER DEALS directly paid on redemption (without risk)
checkmark TRAVELER FORUMS to share & find insider tips & join groups (organize yourself)
checkmark SUPPLEMENTARY INCOME as »Affiliate Marketer (earn money on monthly recurring basis)


checkmark REFERRAL COMMISSION direct on paid listings 
checkmark TIRED from 25% up to 40% (increasing on collected revenue & referrals)
checkmark RECURRING (on monthly basis)
checkmark LIFETIME (links older referrals on future purchases)
checkmark INDIRECT COMMISSION (earn additional through your sub-affiliates)
checkmark DASHBOARD (statstics, graphs & infos)
checkmark PAYPAL payout (on monthly basis)

How to proceed further... (action steps)

  1. Sign up “free & non-binding”
  2. Post your “Business & Events” starting from “free”
  3. “Invite Your Friends” to join our international growing Community
  4. Look forward to interact directly with your Customers on request
  5. Create Vouchers to increase revenue (optional feature)

Sit back, relax & enjoy affordable Advertisement in action without PPC Costs or Sales Commission
Look forward to interact directly with your customers. TIP: Sign up as Affiliate and earn money online