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Bokeh Effects

• Bringing DSLR-like photography to you with beautiful bokeh effects usually achievable only with professional large aperture camera.
• Lens Blur Effects, including Bokeh Blur, Depth Blur, Chromatic Aberration Blur, Fringing Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Frosted Blur, Fog Blur, Simple Blur.
• Brush tool for bokeh blur effects.
• AI-powered brush tool for bokeh blur effects, with the cutting-edge AI technology to separate person, cat and other objects from background and then apply blur.
• Refocus portrait photos that with depth information.

Extensive Adjustment Tools

• Color adjustments: Temperature, Tint, Saturation, Vibrance, Fade, Channels, Hue.
• Light adjustments: Brightness, Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Blacks, Whites.
• Advanced adjustments: Fine-tuning with Curves, Levels(Histogram). Apply Tone, Shadows Tone and Highlights Tone by preset colors or pickup custom colors.
• Color Accent – Convert your photo into black & white while keeping selective color or making selective color more vibrant.
• HSL – Selectively adjust Hue, Saturation, Luminance for 18 preset colors or sample any color from your photos.
• Split Tone and Color Balance.
• Other Tools – Vignette, Fringing, Grain.