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Earn Money Online as an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing • How to make money fast online…

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What is it about


According to the WTO (World Tourism Organization), the world welcomes 935 million tourists every year

At a local destination, they are looking for services to satisfy their needs. Business owners want to increase sales, therefore new customers are highly requested. How to attract new customers who are only a short time available, even on global perspectives? WORLDCHECKIN (wci) has been developed to enable an online & mobile accessible B2C directory to share & find PLACES, DEALS, EVENTS, SERVICES and more at global destinations.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world are able to place & advertise their local businesses within WORLDCHECKIN, with the option of creating vouchers to attract new customers or share relevant information in time. The directory is online accessible and travelers around the world are able to connect online via mobile device or interact directly with the local source (for more details click here). The results for the business owners are…

traffic traffic traffic
higher visibility more customers increase of sales

Generally speaking...

You are an Affiliate marketer and need to know what wealthy affiliates do, or want to become an Affiliate and need to know – “How to make money fast” through affiliate marketing…

then you should join the affiliate program of WORLDCHECKIN. A lot of affiliate programs are out there, but this is one of the high paying affiliate programs within the travel affiliate network industry.

Why you should join

Geo local advertising on mobile devices is the future market…

Mobile phone internet connections are increasing more rapidly than purchases of any other consumer product. Every day, 620 million unique users visit the site google.com, which represents more than 7100 visitors every second. In 2011, 462 million smartphones were sold worldwide, which represents 879 new smartphones sold every minute.

WORLDCHECKIN enables a unique opportunity with enormous revenue opportunities for all participating Affiliates on basis of Cost-per-Order (CPO) or Cost-per-Sale (CPS) on paid listings.

Each branch of all industries are able to represent their local business online & mobile in our directory, thus you have an almost infinite source of clients available to contact, to inform and help them successfully to add their PLACE and EVENT listings by using your affiliate id URL.

What you earn

Increasing money making opportunity…

as an Affiliate, you will get for sales mediation of PLACE or EVENT listings…

yes Commission income on sales starting from 25%
yes A tiered commission in dependence of mediation number up to 40%
yes Recurring income on monthly sales
yes Lifetime commission income on future sales
checkmark Indirect commission (earn additional through your sub-affiliates)
yes Monthly payouts via Paypal or Stripe (60 days after purchase)
yes Affiliate dashboard to be live informed
yes Pushover notification on mediations

Affiliate Marketing Revenue • Example Calculation:

The key to your success

Success is the summary of thoughts and taking action at the right time…

Best results for fast & successful earnings & residual income are achieved by a combination of virtual and physical-based actions. Here is our best practice advice…

a.) virtual based actions
  • subscribe to our affiliate program
  • implement our publicity material into your website
  • use & share your affiliate URL with the unique ID as most as you can
b.) physically-based actions
  • research within wci who is not listed in your local surroundings
  • visit business owners & introduce WORLDCHECKIN by using our introduction materials
  • help business owners to list their place or event by using your affiliate URL
  • encourage them to use the option of creating vouchers to attract new customers (How to create vouchers)

Who we are

We help the world to orientate themselves better at local destinations…

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We grow together with you…

Join our international growing community with its unique affiliate program. Use the almost infinite source of possibilities to earn additional money in advertising of LOCATION, SERVICE and EVENT Listings around the world on a recurring basis.

Register now below ▼ to “apply as an Affiliate Partner” free of charge & without obligation and in the future after acceptance of your application you will receive 25-40% commission on paid advertisements provided by you! 

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