What is Local Search Marketing?

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing and advertising is all about putting your business on the map in local queries when clients are searching for i.e. a companies like yours. It is a combination out of  search engine optimization SEO » + search engine marketing SEM » with the aim of search engine advertising SEA ». It’s also called local SEO », but local search marketing explains much better the planned approach of marketing for local businesses to be found within first page search results. 

In other words, local search marketing is a form of search engine optimization that helps local businesses show up in relevant local searches and in the corresponding local search results.

Example: Let’ s say you are looking for a “coffee shop near me” within google search, then you get offers to be found on google search displayed above the organic search results. Now consumers can find, choose and visit you according the displayed information in the those search results, with the positive effect of better ranking and highlighted in a location map.


Why is Local Search Marketing Important?

traffic traffic traffic
higher visibility more customers increase of sales

70% of people online are searching for local services and products. With mobile phone usage booming this will increase and additional reinforce the significance of local internet search.

Local internet search marketing is really a critical part of internet search engine optimization for stores, doctors, restaurants, hotels and much more. For business owners that aren’t so in your area focused like large B2Bs, local search marketing continues to be an essential customer touch point since vendors, customers, partners and potential employees will probably be searching to obtain directions to your office. A poor experience can rapidly erode brand affinity.

Plus, bad information is rampant in local internet search engines an internet-based directories that is a key reason behind duplicate local listings that may ruin your customers’ experience.


What does Local Search Marketing include?

Here is a listing of the important thing local internet search marketing activities which are typically incorporated inside a local internet search marketing engagement:

Verify and claim local listings, managing listings for multiple locations, optimize local listings for elevated local search engine optimization, traffic eliminate duplicate listings, assist you to increase and manage reviews, submit your company to additional local directories, setup analytics tracking to correctly track local activity,  market your local listings.

If you are prepared to get seriously interested in helping your clients help you find in your area and increase your sales, start with local search marketing by using our free available alternative.


How To: Local Search Marketing

Local search digital marketing is highly cost effective and rather complex. Using it to acquire new clients effectively requires careful implementation and continual management of your content. Find here is a list of the different types of local search and the top local search sites:

Search Engine Maps provided by Google », Bing » or Yahoo ». Review Sites like Yelp », Urban Spoon, Zagat.  Yellow Page Directories i.e. Insider Pages, Superpages. Local Directories as CitySearch, Localize. Business Directories i.e. InfoGroup InfoUSA, Acxiom. Niche and Industry Specific Directories like Health Grades, etc.

Local SEO is an ongoing process which need to be done by professionals and you should do this in constant basis. There is even more things to be aware of to local search than just submitting your listings. You need to ensure that your local search listings are: Claimed/Verified as well Accurate Optimized. Also a hint is, that most of those information’s are static without the possibility to add unique selling signals to customers to attract them more effectively.


Solution for Your Perfect Local Search Marketing

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Considering that Google is by far the largest and most used search engine, our system supports your business SEO to be found within the google search results too and we are providing you with analytic data about the same.

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