Creative Restaurant Promotions • 20 Tips ▶ How to Promote Your Restaurant More Effectively ?


This article will help you to improve your Restaurant Marketing Strategies or at least save you time and money



First of all congratulations, you can be proud to be a member of gastronomy family and as a host to welcome guests from all over the world. However in case of many restaurants compete for clients it’s not that easy since earlier you opened your restaurant doors and the clients came in, just to explore and get convinced with your friendliness and charming personality as well of course with your professional cooking style and serving talent. Nowadays the things have changed and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. The good news is, the following info will definitely help you to to improve your business or at least save you time and money. This article will help you to reach the next level for more effective restaurant marketing without spending too much or being able to reduce your current expenses and the effort of for your restaurant marketing strategies. Let’s get started.

The Historical Way of Restaurant Marketing

For the restaurant industry the historical way the restaurant marketing strategies mostly were to advertise within local newspapers, regional radio stations, distribute flyers, or joining a  customer loyalty program which cost you a lot of money. Of course recommendation by the guest himself is still the best way of marketing you can get. But this is a long term relationship you build with your clients started by delivering good & lasting quality of your service. Find here more info about history of marketing »

Restaurant Marketing Nowadays

Well there are many channels to market your restaurant and there are also many tools & methods out there which may not work for you or are by far too expensive for your budget. That’s why the biggest part of the missing ingredient is, you need to do “successful restaurant marketing” but in the correct way. Therefore you are requested to think in a long-term way and to build your own brand and let the people know that you are available and the right one to fulfill the need which the customer is currently looking for. You need to decide which strategy you like to go with, either building a brand of your person with the need you are in charge for everything or to building a brand of your restaurant where your team is in focus to deliver the upmost results to convince the client not only to stay, but even more to come back more often again. Let me introduce you some Restaurant marketing ideas, methods & tips, which will definitely help you to improve your restaurant marketing results and finally help you to increase your revenue.



1. Define Your Goals

Create your own marketing plan and decide whom you’re attempting to achieve to be able to map ways to get there. What do you think are the best places to reach your customers. Once you’ve identified your ideal customers, you are able to plan how you can achieve them in the best possible way. You could also use social networks i.e. Facebook to target your clients. But Social media is more, where you talk to your regular customers and where you market your restaurant to new customers. If you choose this way, make sure that you create your posts serious and credible, and it will be time consuming in addition to share durable your latest news and offers.





2. Differentiate Your Restaurant

Get out from the mass. You need to identify your unique selling points in what your restaurant differ from others and where you are more professional. These are important things to market and broadcast to reach clients with the specific needs only you can fulfill. You need to tell your customers to distinguish your restaurant from the competitors. That doesn’t mean that the story isn’t real, but it is a point-of-view issue that reflects your personal style and restaurant theme. This could be special dishes or season theme you offer i.e. organic, vegan or vegetarian food with an secret ingredient only you offer.





3. Attract New Clients With a Functional Website

Your site is the identity card of the restaurant as well as advertising tool for creating communication with visitors, promoting center, giving details about daily deals, prices, menu changes and bulletins about occasions inside your restaurant. But which marketing tool to use or what kind of website shall it be? You should use more a blog to post current news instead of having a static content website. Tip: Do a google search: How to create your own blog ». Use i.e. » or better you find a host which offer you to use WordPress » blog software to be installed on your server space. Establish a mobile friendly website approach by using a responsive theme ». By using WP you will be able to write your own content with a centralized content management system by using plugin addons (there are so many free plugins available) which allow you to adjust your blog according to your needs i.e. by using SNAP » to distribute your content to several existing social media accounts automatically.


google analytics

4. Measure Your Website Traffic with Google Analytics

To be able to see the success of your marketing efforts, you need to measure the traffic. Get to know where your clients are coming from and what their interests are while they visit your website, it’s important to decide which marketing method is fruitful or not and to measure that in the right way is crucial. Of course there are a lot of website analytic tools available, but google analytics » offer their service free and do it in a enormous effective way. The hint is, you need to know > how to setup what, where to measure and also how to interpret these results accordingly. Tip: Therefore I suggest you to use the information from measureschool » as they explain the necessary setup steps by using short video tutorials and suggest you ways for your site tracking.



brand5. Promote Your Brand

For a restaurant promotion, your brand shall include your concept, mission statement, service standards, periodic menus, social participation and just about everything that occurs inside your restaurant. Always have in mind the restaurant clients are looking for service to enjoy and not simply serving food. Use every traditional an internet-based platform for promoting your brand, but make certain that you simply generate a consistent message. A regular message means that you employ your restaurant’s emblem and colors, audience-appropriate words and advertising platforms which are concept-appropriate. Many people will go to your restaurant simply because it’s there, but passersby read your signs before venturing inside. Advertising is crucial, but avoid offering the shop simply to get customers in seats.



Local Search6. Optimize Your Online Presence & Enable Online Reservation

Claim your listing in local directories and restaurant review sites. Join the neighborhood chamber of commerce and business organizations. Distribute press announcements to local newspapers, magazines, schools and nearby manufacturing facilities to inform them your restaurant is open for business. Get the menu online in your website or via a third-party provider. Enable customers  to make reservations and put orders using their smartphones, so they should be capable of finding your restaurant and menu online. Tip: Add your Business (free) » to the worldcheckin directory, or upgrade to Standard (Prices & Features ») to add your menu as PDF doc online, or upgrade to Premium (Prices & Features ») to add your own restaurant booking link (by using a free restaurant online booking software ») to get online bookings directly right away.


voucher7. Create a Loyalty Program and issue Vouchers

Be ware of that customers in loyalty programs return 50% more often to your restaurant? By creating a rewards program, you’ll encourage the repeat of your customers and build a rapport with your clientele. Several programs are out there. A punch card loyalty program is a superb incentive to start for purchasers to continuously come back to your restaurant. Rather of traditional paper punch cards, save the visit to the print shop and decide on a more flexible & mobile solution. Tip: Add your business » to the worldcheckin directory and upgrade to Premium (Prices & Features ») to use the voucher module where you are able to create different own vouchers without any commissions to pay for and as you editing this online, the changes are immediately done after saving your content. 


Events8. Create Special Events, Announce Them and Enable Online Booking

Give the locals and visitor a reasons to visit you more often by creating special events and announce them to the public. Remember the first time to convince someone is the hardest but inform them to come back is easier as you may think. Tip: Add your Event (free) » to the worldcheckin directory which help you to get found from nearby users by using the unique local search function. You can upgrade to Premium (Prices & Features ») to link your own event booking link (i.e. if you have a events manager plugin » at your site included) that customers are able to book the event right away directly.




9. Communicate, Interact and Engage by using Social Media Marketing

Well if you’re not using social media actually, you are missing the most powerful tool to reach potential clients. But be aware to centralize your content management because using platforms one by one will start getting extreme time consuming. Engage with several social media platforms and post photos of your restaurant, offer incentives or culinary tips as well attract sponsors with charity topics in mind. By using those digital tools, you can communicate directly with your existing customers and targeted clients. Respond to people’s concerns, complaints and praise to show that you’re engaged. Encourage customers to write reviews, post photos and share their experiences online. Tip: If you don’t know which tool to use, do a google search “How to submit content to several social media accounts »“.



10. Send Out an Email Newsletters

As an alternative and to be more independent of social media networks or paid ads you shall built your own email list and collect email addresses to send tailored newsletters to you clients. Remember, your restaurant newsletter doesn’t have to be weekly – in fact, users will probably appreciate a less flooded inbox if you simply send them a newsletter every month or so. Use your email newsletter as a chance to celebrate your success, discuss new menu items, ask for feedback or share special discounts. There are many tools out there to enable, create & send newsletters. Tip: I suggest you to use one with an auto-responder functionality to send personalized emails each time someone register new i.e. with the mailpoet » wordpress plugin.



11. Use Multiple Advertising and Marketing Channels

You’ll need an plan of action to promote effectively. You must learn how to achieve your short- and long-term goals, therefore you need to test the available marketing channels in regard of their effectiveness. A good start for your restaurant would be to advertise 80 percent of your budget to digital marketing and 20 percent to traditional advertising, such as newspaper, directory, radio, television and billboard ads. Tip: Refer to your website in all advertising to get cross-promotional benefits and try to get an marketing feedback i.e. by using a website feedback survey » or a popup window to ask from which marketing channel your clients came from.



Like-Minded12. Find Like-Minded Businesses, Partner With Them And Cross-Promote Each Other

Like-minded might be a business that’s close to your restaurant or maybe it’s a business which has a similar clients. An easy way would be to go out and visit the businesses in your area. Ask for cross selling by using flyers. Offer a discount towards those business owner’s customers i.e. Tourist office, sight seeing locations, fitness studios, local bike store or barber shops, etc.





qr-code - wci.en-about 13. Use QR Code To Promote Your Restaurant And Incentives

QR (short for “quick response”) code is a two-dimensional code that its functionality resembles a standard bar codes, with one key difference – it can be read by mobile phones and using an corresponding apps. The advantage of QR codes is in the reading, as it can be easily read in any direction, from any distance as long as the code is visible. Additionally it is as short image which can include lot of information’s, or forward to your website with unique offers to your clients. Tip: To create a QR code use i.e. a QR code generator ». Put those codes on your menu, or your delivery car or on flyers and include a QR code on the bottom of the check and create special offers to engage your clients. This way each user’s smartphone is able to show information about your restaurant in the form of images, text or video clips. Easy, simple & effective marketing.



press_release14. Do Press Releases & Share Positive Press Articles

Submit press releases about current events or interesting occasions which are happening in your restaurant i.e. pre-opening, season beginning, candle light dinner, etc. If your restaurant is pointed out inside a news or magazine – well done! Make sure to showcase your good publicity in your website and via social networking. Your fans will love it and share with their friends to visit personally once they see reliable sources celebrating your restaurant. Unsure how to do press releases? Tip: Just do a google search – How to do a press release submission »




get_informed15. Let Them Talk & Get Informed About

Monitor what People are Taking about you. Google Alerts » will notify you when your restaurant or business name (or other targeted keyword term) appears in a new piece of content on the web! This makes it easy for you to monitor who and what people are talking about and you would be able to react and interact accordingly. Google Alerts will then inform you via email to view the content and, if necessary, to contact the author, respond to reviews, or simply state that they are available in any case.




16. Share Your Process To Engageshare process

Let people engage with your restaurant and share your process. People love to talk about, therefore deliver them something to share. Promote your restaurant stories or benefits on your website ans social media channels. You might have a new chief in the kitchen or a culinary philosophy to share, new season announcements, open your terrace, having special events, barbecue evenings, or changed your menu items. Deliver interesting info’s behind-the-scenes stories with photos which are an easy way to share your internal processes without revealing all the secrets of you restaurant. Just share the important things with your customers to keep them engaged.



Delivery Service17. Offer Delivery Service Or Professional Catering

Your clients love what you offering – well done – why not delivering? Offering delivery is a major selling factor to increase your business. But you need to have the man-power and logistics to that in the right way. You can start first by offering delicious dishes picked up from clients directly, then proceed further with home delivery service or additionally offer professional catering service with man-power and party arrangements. It’s up to you what you decide to offer, but always be aware not to lose the quality of your service.




Layalty18. Use Your Most Loyal Customers for Influence Marketing

Consider the power of Influencer Marketing ». It’s a marketing form which focus on influential people who have influence over potential clients. Why not using most loyal clients and convince them to write reviews on your blog or share your content on their marketing channels. Ask them if they would write something about your restaurant. Make your loyalists excited to post pictures of your dishes and let them encourage others to visit your restaurant. The reward can be simple by giving them a discount or a monthly gift card to be used or shared with their family.




food-festivals19. Present Yourself on Food Festivals

Check the event schedules of your location and take part on fairs and food festivals as they are increasingly popular events and are mostly organized and planned on an annual basis. Those events give customers the possibility to taste from different restaurants and make them interesting about your service. You must have a creative and striking stand to attract visitors to come and see what your are offering. Offer those potential customers free snacks and prepare delicious dishes and cocktails, engage with those and provide them with promotional material and convince them to join your restaurant the next time.



multiple_media20. Centralize the Submissions To Your Social Media Presence

Of course you’ll want to create a Facebook business page and a Twitter account to share photos of your newest dishes, exclusive coupons, special discounts or just promote your latest restaurant news. As stated above try to use a centralized method to share your content from your website to your social media channels in use. But in some way’s not all channels are supported and you may need different ways to do the same for you. Let me introduce you some great social media data management tools: HootSuite »: A one-stop dashboard for keeping tabs on all your social media networks. Create custom streams, schedule posts, and more. Buffer»: makes it easy to find, schedule, and share articles across your networks. Staying active and posting valuable articles to provide your fans is key for social success.


Conclusion for great restaurant marketing:

For all restaurant owners, the way to market their restaurant nowadays has changed extremely and it is not meant to start a career like Clark Cent and hustle around like superman to find the right content to promote and which channel to use. Also as there a many social media marketing tools existing you need to select and find out which one is working the best for you. However, it’s all about the local representation of your restaurant by using online marketing strategies to increase your online reputation and finally to reach new guests, let the people know where you are, to engage with your guests and how to reach them on a recurring basis. The above-stated tips are suggestions for your convenience but the most important thing is, that you are found in local search results and to use corresponding platforms to refer potential clients directly to your restaurant. Tip: Additionally use this Ultimate Local Search Marketing Guide » for more info about local search marketing and how to do in the right way.


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