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Worldcheckin • Press Release ► Launch Info

wci rocket 2

Press release: Worldcheckin “Launch” Information ► Location finder for travelers and non-residents • Direct marketing and advertising platform for entrepreneurs. We are pleased to announce the official launch of the platform “Worldcheckin” after nearly 3 years of development work. Worldcheckin (WCI) has been developed to enable an online & mobile accessible (b2c) “Direct Marketing Platform… Read more »


wci rocket 2

Success is a decision you make while combining passion and perseverance to create useful things and share it with the community (A. Wussler – WCI Founder) WORLDCHECKIN is now for all online available globally! > The „free” MOBILE LOCATION FINDER is ideal to search, find & share local Places, Services, Voucher Deals and Events… Read more »