In the fashion industry especially (clothes, watches, blogs, etc.), your logo must look as good (and fit as well) as the clothes and accessories you sell in-store or online. A strong logo will attract and even make more people buy your products, and a not so great logo can make potential customers run away. People usually buy when they feel the products represent them or their desires. The font used in these logos is extremely important, if people cannot even read your logo, how can they have it in their mind?

Here is an example of a logo that everybody wants to have it on their clothes. Yes, that happens because the brand is one of the best in the world, but also the used font and words are important in this case. The word BOSS and the used font are both great for marketing.

Everybody knows that your logo, your font, and everything else, should be unique. But how can you explain the fact that all fashion brands seem to use the same font?

Creating a great typographic logo is extremely hard and must be studied very well for strong results. Your logo can communicate trust, make you look smart, expensive, highly experienced, and more.

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Yes, the designs of most of the huge luxury brands seem interchangeable as these companies found out what their buyers are looking for. But if you pay more attention, you will see lots of differences. Some are heavier weights, while others have more space between the letters. Same goes for fashion blog logos.

To properly use text in fashion blog logos you should check what huge brands did, here you will find fonts used in fashion logos. Fashion companies and fashion blogs have lots of things in common, and most important, they share the same buyer typology. Studying closely what others do will help you to understand what you need to do.

What is a quality text logo for a fashion blog?

Ok, so you decided that you want a text logo for your fashion blog, and now you are thinking which elements it will include. Building your own logo is not as complicated as you may think, you just have to respect a guideline that makes sense.

I strongly suggest you create a written structure for your logo design and follow it closely.

Here are the elements that you need to incorporate in your text logo.

Readability – The fonts you are using should be 100% easily readable. Pay huge attention to this. Here are some examples of huge brands that have great names in terms of readability.

Uniqueness – Your logo needs to be uncommon, to draw attention, and to stand out of the crowd, but be sure that it is unique. Nothing is worse than a logo that was heavily inspired from another one. This will affect forever your brand.

Simplicity – Make it simple, both the logo and the font should be simple and effective. Simple is usual much more complicated to do because you must study a lot the design principles, to research what others did, and so on.

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world and their logo is simple and awesome. Just look at the following picture, and you will quickly understand that Apple logo is much more than a bitten apple.

Fonts – There are tens of thousands of fonts (free and premium) on the web. Picking the right one can be time-consuming but rewarding. Pick a font that is simple, readable, ignore trends (trends come and go), and match your font style with your logo colors, shape, and general idea.

If you see on the web a font you like, take a screenshot and quickly identify it by using this font finder.

Upload the screenshot in the platform or write down the picture URL, and in 1-2 minutes the platform will quickly identify the font you are looking for. WhatFontIs will show you 60 alternatives of free and premium fonts, including the links from where you can get them. This way, you can easily see what fonts other fashion blogs are using.

Another way to get a great font is to look for inspiration websites that present hundreds of fonts. After you find something that you like, see how it fits your logo. You should do lots of experiments before deciding which font is the perfect fit for your logo. Take your time and in the end, you will get a great logo for your fashion blog.


Text logos are used by the most important blogs and brands, because they tell a story, a strong message, are powerful, easy to memorize, and much more.  Creating such logos is not complicated and the process (especially if you are working with a team) and is super rewarding. You will find out many important things that will also help you afterwards in your work.

Author: BloggingPro