Occupation: Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, and Writing Group Facilitator (I run a weekly science writing workshop for international students.)

Industry: Biology Research

Age: 25

Location: Edmonton, AB

Salary: $24,500 (TA), $8,000 (Pay for the writing group ranges from $6,000 to $10,000, depending on how many shifts I work.)

Paycheque Amount (2x/month, 9 months/year): $1,200 (TA), $300–$500 (writing group)

Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $700 (I share an apartment with a mostly absent landlady and one roommate. Utilities, internet, and the gym are included.)
Student Loans: $0 (My grandparents contributed to an RESP that paid for 75% of my undergrad degree, and I paid for the rest by working.)
Phone: $83
Spotify: $5
Netflix: $0 (I use my parents’ account.)
Medication: $4 (I’m on my mom’s health insurance plan.)

Note: I also put scholarship money into savings as lump-sums, so I currently have $7,000 in a high-interest account, $1,000 in an RRSP, and $5,000 in a savings account for travel.