For many business leaders, true work-life balance is often elusive. Some even say it’s impossible to achieve. No matter how you define balance, though, one thing is certain: It’s essential to make time in your busy schedule to address both personal and professional needs.

To help you do this, we asked a panel of Forbes Coaches Council members to share their best approach for juggling work responsibilities with home and family responsibilities when life gets hectic during the holiday season. Here is what they advise:

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1. Delegate Tasks

The best approach is taking the priorities of what’s required of you in consideration. Whatever you must do, do. Delegate the rest to others. Take care of yourself during these times as well. If you cannot function at your best, things around you will begin to seem more stressful than they really are. – Ryan Lovett, Enneagram Enthusiasts

2. Define Your Work Priorities

Work smart, not hard. Define the work priorities and evaluate the investment of your time during the holiday season. Set a goal for this period that will satisfy only the priorities and the most impactful business activities. Delegate some of the responsibilities and, most importantly, spend good, quality time with your family. – Nikola Cvetanovski, Maktech Consulting Ltd

3. Negotiate Time For Yourself

Negotiate some “STM” time both at work and at home. Most people think of STM as “Strategic Time Management”—it is actually “Stop The Madness.” It is about negotiating some time for yourself to focus on clearing your head, focusing on the important few and planning for the next STM. This simple discipline gives you the “time out” to achieve more, especially when you have lots going on, both at work and at home. – Venkataraman Subramanyan, Tripura Multinational Pte Ltd

4. Stick To A Schedule

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones in celebration of the season, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose personal life over work responsibilities. One of the best steps you can take to juggle a busy personal schedule with your daily work duties is to keep a schedule—and stick to it! That means you need to be realistic about existing commitments and the available time you have to do them. Sometimes, it means you’ll have to decline an invite or pass on a party and that’s OK. Remember, it’s also helpful to take time for yourself away from work and all the festivities. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin or burn out during a time that’s supposed to be all about joy and happiness. – Ashlee Anderson, Work From Home Happiness

5. Leverage Your Calendar To Carve Out Personal Time

I use my calendar as a tool to manage my energy during demanding seasons and prioritize blocks of time for experiences that bring joy. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to allow work to bleed into personal life because I love it—it’s invigorating, creative and fun. I’ve found understanding my daily energy rhythms is key to plotting out my day to ensure balance, wellness and productivity. And I can see with a quick glance at my calendar to confirm my values and priorities are visible. Because how we spend our days is the closest reflection to what’s important to us. – Tracy King, InspirEd

6. Improve Your Emotional Control

Establishing a work-life balance is a priority. Having the emotional control to focus on each situation at the right time and to be able to separate work time from family time can make the difference. Switching on and switching off can be the key. For that, impulse control management is a crucial skill. Flexibility, stress management and a high level of emotional self-awareness are additional soft skills that allow you to achieve that work-life balance. – Fernando Pinto Novais, P4S- People For Success, Lda

7. Set Expectations With Key Stakeholders Ahead Of Time

I recommend a quick chat or meeting with all the key stakeholders to design a strategy and plan clear expectations well ahead of the holiday season. This would help prioritize the right deliverables by identifying what can wait and what needs to be addressed ASAP. This approach may open up a good amount of time to devote to family and friends during the busy holiday season while handling the additional workload. – Sudhakar Reddy Gade, Nirvedha Executive Coaching Slutions Pvt. Ltd

8. Meditate

Pause. Sit still. Listen to your body and mind. We are of no use to anyone if we don’t take care of ourselves first. Meditation is a simple way to focus on your own wellbeing. – Jen Croneberger, JLynne Consulting Group, LLC

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9. Write Down Your Goals

Find a few minutes well ahead of the holiday season to reflect on your desires for enjoying the holidays, such as connecting with family and friends or recharging your batteries. Then you can turn these desires into actionable goals such as arranging travel to see family, scheduling events you want to host or attend, or downloading books you want to read. The act of writing down actionable goals helps us to focus on our priorities in a concrete, tangible way. – Antonia Bowring, ABstrategies