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additionally to our worldwide available geo-local advertising service, where entrepreneurs are able to add their location to promote their local business, service, or events within our online platform “worldcheckin“, we enable a guest post solution too, to add general content into our blog.


Important: Blog posts are only general topics. Location entries are extended entries of companies in our advertising platform that contain specific information about local companies, services, or events that are searched and geo-localized by our system users within our platform. Before you start writing a guest blog post, we first invite you to list your add your business/service/event (start for free or use the extended paid option). After submitting your specific location or business information, please continue with your general news topic as a guest blog post for the transmission. Note: If a required category of your topic is missing, please let us know. We thank you for your intention to share your content with us. Best regards, worldcheckin.


How it works:
1. Add your content below with an image
2. Select a category and send the post
3. After submission, we check it and activate it in our general guest blog.


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