Hey! Hi! I am supposed to be r e l a x i n g (according to both Beautycounter and my husband) but I wanted to pop in quickly and say hi from Ojai! This resort is GORGEOUS!

My travel day on Sunday went well but was SO LONG. I was awake for almost 24 hours. My brain was so super charged from excitement and new friends and dreaming up ideas that I just couldn’t nap (despite 3 different attempts). When I finally went to sleep, I woke up at 4am on Monday morning ready to start the day! Oh the irony of having a hotel room to myself and not getting good sleep. I am still having a wonderful time though!

I’m here with my best girl, Teri!

We’ve been chatting daily since reconnecting in April, and she has been such a wonderful mentor and friend.

I shared this on Instagram and wanted to share it here as well. I know it’s cheesy when people get all “this changed my life” talking about something like being a skincare consultant, but truly everything about this experience has been SUCH a pleasant surprise. You just don’t know what it’s going to be like until you do it.

Seven months ago, I was a new mom with little time for new projects but an itch for something new. I had said no to different people who emailed me about Beautycounter at least 25 times. I had no qualms about the company or products – I just felt I already had too much on my plate.

But then one day I got a message from Teri of A Foodie Stays Fit who I knew from way back in the early blogging days. She told me all the things that I needed to hear: That you don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want, that it’s not about selling it’s about sharing, and how she has built her business helping people find solutions.

So why did I say yes? I decided to join this mission to create an additional revenue stream for our household. I want to continue to be able to work from home and take care of Mazen and Birch. The more diverse my income streams are, the more stability I have for the future.

Beautycounter is now my favorite leg of my overall online business to work on. I would not have predicted how much this self-employed entrepreneur would appreciate feeling connected to a big company (a B Corp, I might add.) My day-to-day job as both a blogger and a mama can be quite lonesome, and the Zoom calls, team meetings, email updates, new product announcements, webinars, and daily Voxer chat with other consultants is all very stimulating. It’s the perfect blend of having the perks of a large company and working at home, when you want to.

I have Teri to thank for speaking my language and getting me over the hurdle of trying something new. I am SO GLAD I did because Beautycounter has already added so much to my life.

Hi to my boys

I Facetimed Mazen from the airplane (!)  and then called Birch yesterday. He does not say “mama” that often but he said it 100 times in a row with a smile on his face! It was the sweetest. He’s been doing well at home, but I can tell he misses his mommy. One year ago today was his due date!

Trip Recap

I am here with some of the top leaders in the company, including the HQ dream team and CEO Gregg Renfrew herself. We’ve been eating the freshest California produce, getting makeup tutorials and making new friends. I am planning to take tomorrow off, I have a really solid Quaker recipe coming at you on Thursday (Birch’s new favorite!) and then I hope to write a big recap of this trip for Friday’s post. Follow along in my Instagram Stories until then!

Off to put on my dancing shoes!