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“Worldwide 3 Billion Customers are online, mobile and most wanted…”

Reasons for advertising online with WCI...

higher visibilitymore customersincrease of sales

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Use the most effective advertising method...

Worldcheckin (WCI) has been developed to enable an online & mobile accessible B2C directory to share & find local “PLACES, DEALS, EVENTS, SERVICES & more…” at global destinations. Entrepreneurs from all over the world have now the opportunity to advertise their local businesses online and at the same time on all mobile devices to attract more customers.

Monthly advertising options starting from free, or depending on your desired service scope e.g. “PREMIUM” with extended listing informations and the use of a coupon module to create own customized vouchers, to be redeemed & paid on redemption directly at the issuer.

There is no risk and it has never been easier to attract customers by using vouchers.

The results are higher visibility, new customer attraction and the increase of sales. Start now to add your LISTING or EVENT by using this sales promotion below, or click here to find out more about WCI.

Local & international advertisement...

WCI supports a unique push and pull marketing by display advertising content specific to it’s customers location. The available content will be displayed according to the customer needs without beeing flooded. It is about the an effective way for all business owners to advertise their

  • Business locations
  • Deals
  • Services
  • Events
  • Websites, to increase traffic (e.g. promote direct booking links, etc.)

Online & mobile advertisement...

Online advertising allows you at any time to place your advertising content and update as necessary. Mobile advertising provides you potential customers that are already on the road to draw attention to themselves. In addition to other already on the market established advertising platforms, we enable you with

  • International Online Marketing (changeable anytime)
  • Mobile Devices Marketing (to reach customers on the road)
  • Clients referral without sales commission
  • Customer acquisition through the use of the available Voucher module (optional)
  • Customer loyalty through interactive use & flexible marketing of your business & events
  • Google Analytics Statistics (optional)