In the first set of videos, we see how the Pixel 4’s touchless gestures will work. To silence calls and alarms, you simply wave your hand sideways above the phone. Skipping songs is done the same way. The one quirk to the system is that you can silence or snooze an alarm by changing the direction in which you wave your hand over the Pixel 4. The important takeaway here is that the gesture to complete all three actions is the same. Pixel 4 owners won’t need to learn several gestures to use the feature; instead, they just need to learn one gesture that they can use everywhere. All of that is likely to go a long way in making the feature something people will use.

Meanwhile, In the second set of videos, Google demos the capabilities of its next-generation digital assistant. The new videos don’t show anything we haven’t already seen of the updated Google Assistant. They do, however, highlight Assistant’s upcoming ability to process multiple requests one after another. In one video, the person using the phone asks Google what time their flight will land. They then tell Assistant to send the time in a text message. Notably, the person does this all without saying, “Okay Google” multiple times.

Google will announce the Pixel 4 on October 15th. Besides the new phone, we also expect the company to announce a new Pixelbook, Nest-branded Google Home Mini and possibly a new pair of Google Buds.