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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. A hotel room may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites.
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A boat is a watercraft of a large range of types and sizes, but generally smaller than a ship, which is distinguished by its larger size, shape, cargo or passenger capacity, or its ability to carry boats.
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A vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for winemaking, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice. The science, practice and study of vineyard production is known as viticulture.
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Villas (Mansions) are a unique type of home that offers an upscale lifestyle and luxurious amenities. It can be defined by its distinct design elements, which include. Large rooms, exclusive location, etc.
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A house is a structure made up of bricks and stones. It has windows, doors, chimneys and a roof. On the other hand, a home is a place where family members live together selflessly.
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An apartment is a flat — it's usually a few rooms that you rent in a building. The apartment might be in a fancy high rise with a doorman and an elevator, or over your parents' garage.
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A room is a part of the inside of a building that is divided from other areas by walls and a door and that has its own floor and ceiling.

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